iPhone 6S Mini Rumor

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With the recent release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus it’s hard to believe that Apple Inc. could be releasing a new phone so soon. But rumors are flying that a new device will appear in early 2015. It has been dubbed the iPhone 6S Mini, and will feature a much mooted 4-inch screen (gasp!). This is smaller than the regular iPhone screen, which is already pretty petite.

So how will this mini phone differ from previous versions? Aside from the screen size.

An Apple Watch Companion.

It makes sense that the new device will create a conscious link with the Apple Watch, which is being released in early 2015. AS to what extent this will differ from the regular iPhone 6 compatibility, it is still unclear.

Curved Edges.

Why this is an important feature is beyond me, but it apparently warrants as news. Apple is rumored to follow suit with Samsung’s curved edges on its products. This trend is too popular to ignore, and Apple must hop on the bandwagon and test out its successfulness. And the iPhone 6 Mini would be the perfect platform.

New Technology.

It has been suggested that Apple will build the iPhone 6 Mini up from scratch since building the existing technology down would be too expensive. New specialized technology produced by Qualcomm, Inc. is slated to be developed.

iPhone 6S Specifications.

The small screen size will necessitate less processing power, given that Apple is looking to produce a more affordable device. Reports on the iPhone 6s Mini suggest that it could possess similar specifications and processing power to the iPhone 5 or possibly the iPhone 5s.

Remember that most of this is still speculation, as an official press release from Apple is yet to be seen. However, this is a very interesting development to keep your eye on.

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