What is Sensaphone?

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Sensaphone is a state of the art company in the business of home, business, and computer system monitoring.  Businesses can set up systems with Sensaphone to monitor all of the environmental as well as the physical security of their computer rooms and homeowners are able to monitor their homes using Sensaphone technology and devices.  With over twenty year experience in the monitoring industry, Sensaphone has a long standing reputation for quality and innovation at a reasonable rate to the consumer.  They are in the forefront of every technological advance to date and have responded with products and services that are unmatched in the industry to ensure their customers have the very best in security for their home or business.

Sensaphone services off the capability to remotely monitor and changes setting for your systems, such as opening and shutting flood valves as needed, the capability for a homeowner to lock their doors or turn off devices from a distant location, or simply reports to show conditions and system setting in that location. With all this access and control at the fingertips of the consumer it’s no wonder there are currently over 300,000 Sensaphone systems currently in use.


A Leader

Introducing wireless remote monitoring as early as 2007, Sensaphone has been a leader in the security monitoring industry for many years.  Sensaphone is a trusted name in monitoring technology with such high profile clients as legendary Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The Green Bay Packers trust Sensaphone to handle their business in a professional and quickly responsive manner and have done so since 2005.  Their goal is to provide the very best products and services to the customers as well as stay leading edge of the technology world with their brand of monitoring and security products.

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