What to Expect from Apple Watch in 2015

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Screen-Shot-2014-12-16-at-9.51.34-AMTechnology never ceases to amaze us. Just when we thought we’ve seen enough integrated smart technology in our lifetime, it seems to keep coming. Wearable technology is now the headliner for tech milestones in the upcoming year. Appealing to active and on-the-go people, wearable technology such as smart watches, serves as a mini smart phone and fitness device among others. This hype is never going to end, but the biggest among them is Apple Watch and here is what you can expect from it.

Apple Watch, that comes with 38mm or 42mm watch faces, has three editions with different bands: Apple Watch, Apple Sport Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. This new device focuses a lot on the fitness aspect and comprehensive functionality.

The normal Apple Watch has polished stainless steel and space black stainless steel along with a sapphire crystal display. You can select any kinds of band from leather to chain metal-like Milanese loop to a link bracelet. Apple Sport Watch assumes a more lightweight, sporty and colorful style to go with an alumina-silicate glass that is resistant to scratches and impact. Choose from white, blue, green, pink or black. Last but not the least, Apple Watch Edition is more chic and sophisticated look with 18-karat gold, a sapphire crystal display and bold colored bands.

In addition to the touch screen that every smart technology uses, Apple added something called “the crown,” a dial that can be used to zoom in and out. It also calls forth Siri when summoned. The display appears when you raise your wrist; then apps appear in a form of cloud bubble.

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The newest technology this watch is using is the “Taptic Engine” which provides haptic feedback in a manner of light vibration or a pulse when an alert or notification is received. More importantly, you can squiggle a certain code and tap it to send a message to your friend with an Apple Watch! Don’t worry, it’s pretty subtle when it vibrates. The watch also has a built-in heart rate sensor that can be used together with the built-in or third party health apps.

Unlike other smart devices, Apple Watch is solely dependent on you having an iPhone for functionality and connectivity. It syncs your contacts, music and pictures from the phone. So, if you’re excited about Apple Watch and you don’t have an iPhone, you’re pretty much hopeless unless you get an iPhone!

Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, running iOS 8.2 or later. It is expected to debut in spring 2015 with prices starting from $349.

Get excited!

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