Why You Should Be Reading Mashable

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mashableAre you familiar with mashable.com?  If so, you might think of it as a tech and social media blogging website; but it has become so much more.  If you are not familiar with mashable.com you should really check it out. There is a ton of great information and discussion material on this website that is known for tech and social media.

On mashable.com you can find discussions about current events throughout the world, tips on what to have at your next party geared for the next big event, and many more topics.  Of course the tech and social media sections are still there so if that is what you need it’s still there for you, but with a ton of fantastic upgrades, and discussions geared toward the tech as well.

Maybe you want to know what is coming up in the entertainment world such as the next award shows, or what fashion is going to be hot at the shows, mashable.com has it and has a discussion board for you to put you opinion out there for all to see.  You can have a ton of great back and forth conversations with others sharing opinions on the topics of the day and still get all your tech info.

On the other hand, if you want to see what light hearted discussion is taking place on the site and see what others are thinking, mashable.com has what they have called a water cooler section.  This section is meant to have some fun discussion on topics that don’t otherwise fit into some of their more serious categories; this section even has a comics link to it which is full of smart and funny comics to enjoy.

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