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Server monitoring and maintenance

Computers and networks need constant management and monitoring to ensure that they work quickly and efficiently. No matter how well designed databases, networks and infrastructure are, problems will develop over time if they are not maintained and checked for problems on an ongoing basis. Company networks and computers have to deal with an enormous amount of data transfer and system use, not to mention issues with corrupted data and viruses which can bog down a system and lead to information loss. This is why at Secure Networkers, we provide 24/7/365 monitoring and proactive maintenance solutions that ensure your systems work smoothly and efficiently.

Web and email filtering

One of the largest sources of network and computer issues comes from viruses, spyware and other malware that comes in through email and via Internet browsing. Even the most attentive and careful employees can accidentally allow malicious software to become installed on a computer, which is why it is essential that there are filters in place for Internet and network connections.

Malicious software can infect an entire network, damaging files, programs and databases. This is why we employ both recursive and proactive solutions to ensure that nothing is able to get through web and email filters that we establish on your systems.

Additionally, Secure Networkers will ensure that not only are these filters in place to keep computers and networks clear of malicious software, but we will also ensure that filters are kept up to date to eliminate even the most recent threats to your files and systems.

Email archiving and encryption

Your company’s communications often include confidential data regarding employees, company policies and customers. Therefore, it is essential that company communications are encrypted. This ensures that any information saved on a network is only available to those that have rights to the data, preventing private information from being accessible to the public or competitors.

Additionally, it has recently become a legal requirement that businesses archive their emails. We can put systems in place that regularly copy and archive company emails so that essential data is not lost and that your company is complying with government regulations regarding these types of communications.

Full data backup and restoration

In addition to ensuring that your company is meeting government regulations, data backup is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Everything from natural disasters to hardware failure to software malfunctions can lead to data loss. Losing a database can be catastrophic to a company, which is why data backups are essential.

At Secure Networkers, we provide redundant backup services that ensure that no matter what happens, there are copies of all of your files. Not only will we ensure that your records are archived, but we will ensure that they are updated regularly so as little data is lost as possible should an emergency occur. Further, we ensure that systems we put in place will restore your files as quickly as possible to ensure the least amount of downtime for you and your employees.

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