Expert IT support. Secure Networkers ensures that your business’s essential computer and networking systems are designed, monitored and maintained properly.



Desktop, workstations and server support

At Secure Networkers, we will ensure that all of your systems are maintained and that your data is kept secure. In addition to keeping up with your computer systems, we can also help you design, install and configure them as well. This ensures that your networks and servers are setup to be as efficient as possible while reducing the chance of technical malfunctions in the future. Further, we provide start to finish program management solutions that can help you meet all of your company’s technological needs.

Firewall, router and access point installation and configuration

Configuring your firewalls and access points is critical to ensuring that your data and Internet communications are secure from hackers and identity thieves. We can design and implement a networking system that will ensure that your business’s computers and files are protected. Additionally, we can ensure that access points have strong encryption and require authentication to use so that outsiders are not able to join your networks and access your files.

Network analysis, design and optimization

To ensure that your networked programs and computers work efficiently and without breakdown, it is important that they are designed correctly. Slow networks can lead to computer issues, lost data and a number of other technical problems. This is why we optimize your network and verify you have equipment and software that can keep up with your company’s data transfer and bandwidth needs. Additionally, we can ensure that only employee’s with correct authorization are able to view and access sensitive documents and folders.

Break/fix and remote support

With Secure Networkers IT support solutions, you don’t have to worry about extended downtime due to computer or system issues. Our well-trained and knowledgeable technicians can identify and resolve computer and software issues rapidly to ensure that you are not losing money due to lost productivity. Since we provide remote support options, we can be addressing your technical issues within minutes of them occurring, instead of having to wait for a repair team to show up on-site.

Project management from start to finish

Implementing new technology in your business can make your company more efficient and more profitable, but only if it is executed correctly. This is why we provide end to end project management services that ensure that we match your company with effective and long-term solutions. Once we are able to determine the best systems to help your company grow and improve its efficiency, we then help you select the most cost effective methods of implementing them.

When systems are in place, we will continue to work with you to ensure that your new programs are meeting your objectives and operating as expected. Should any issues occur, we will identify the causes and ensure rapid resolution.

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