Secure Networkers welcomes clients to the future of IT services, software-defined data centers.

Software-defined data centers (SDDC’s), also called virtual data centers, are radically changing our concept of virtualization. Now more than ever, we can reduce the need for physical data centers and shift our attention to cloud computing.

Hardware is so last century. Welcome to tomorrow; welcome to software.

The improved ability to virtualize has paved the way for IT as a service, rather than a product. A SDDC makes use of an entirely virtual infrastructure and is controlled by a fully automated system. Technological evolution is rapidly rendering hardware and physical devices irrelevant, while resulting in safer, faster, and more capable data centers with pooled resources, software, and information. So get connected!

SDDCs combine the abstracted contents of hardware from multiple physical locations, opening a new frontier for connecting and aggregating information and resources.

There are three main components of computing: servers, storage, and networking. SDDC’s allow us to both virtualize and pool these components for improved quality and quantity in terms of your business’ technological needs.

Virtualization and automation are a winning team!

SDDC’s offer…

  • Software-defined Networking Capabilities
  • Software-defined Storage
  • Solid Security
  • And Automated Management
  • SDDC’s will eliminate corporate spending on applications.

Off-site virtual platforms—not on site, not a problem!

Secure Networkers offers month-to-month leases. No commitment! But you won’t be disappointed, and we are willing to bet you will be renewing that lease month, after month, after month.

Connect to the SDDC from any location!

Restricted access to the SDDC means greater security for you and your business.

Looking for more reliable ways to back up your business? Interested in investing in disaster recovery? Craving connectivity? Look no further!

De-duplication services will save you time, space, and a headache! SDDC’s remove unnecessary duplicate data.

Want to Learn More?

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