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What is virtualization

Virtualization uses software solutions that allow a business to take advantage of the processing power of their network servers by installing multiple virtual “machines” on one physical machine. The machine shares the same data among the various virtual machines and each machine can run its own operating system or work on different processes.

Benefits of virtualization

Virtualization brings several advantages to the office workplace. Cost savings can be achieved by utilizing one piece of hardware on which to run multiple virtual machines. In the case of an emergency, virtualization can also help with data recovery solutions. By virtualizing enterprise applications such as Oracle and Sharepoint, SLAs can be delivered much more efficiently and performance can be increased. Because multiple operating systems can be run on different machines, the network gains the added flexibility to companies that make use of multiple different operating systems. Lastly, policy-based implementation can be automated, freeing the IT department from having to continuously perform maintenance routines. The end result is a faster, more responsive network that saves time and money.

Vsphere, ESX, ESXI support

Vsphere, ESX and ESXI are among the most popular virtualization software solutions available. Secure Networkers staff are experts in the use and implementation of these software suites used to properly virtualize your networks. We also supply extensive and friendly support should it become required after installation. We are your company’s one stop solution to virtualization!

Fiber channel and iSCSI SAN support

In addition to supporting the actual virtualization of the software on a business’s virtual machines, Secure Networkers also provides expert, extensive support with fiber channel, iSCSI and SAN methods of data transfer for safe storage. A company’s data is its lifeblood and is much too valuable to risk losing any of it to an improperly set up and supported system!

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