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Is your computer room properly equipped to keep your systems cool? What needs to be cooled in the computer room and how? These are two very important topics to understand if your business is going to keep on running smoothly without the servers crashing unnecessarily and unexpectedly.

The first thing to understand is the servers in the computer room produce a ton of heat. Some of the earlier computers did not produce as much heat even when they were much larger due to the lack of capability in some of the early processors, but with today’s modern technology the processors and chips used today give off enough heat to warm and entire building in some cases.

It’s really important to know that the power supplies, processors, and various routers and switches all add to the heat production in your computer server room. Be sure to investigate how these systems are cooled and what needs which type of cooling system. In some cases a fan will do the trick, in others liquid cooling is an absolute must, but you really must make sure the right cooling system is used for your computer to avoid unnecessary shutdowns.

If you are sure to invest some time, research, and money to make sure your server systems are properly cooled, your business will benefit greatly from it. If in fact when you start your business you are able to build your own computer room, do so correctly. Unfortunately many times this is an afterthought of business and can lead to a poor location with bad cooling.

On the other hand if your business is established and running, investigate how efficient your computer room is and whether or not it is the proper fit for your servers. If you find a change needs to be made in order to make the computer room better cooled and more efficient, be sure to take the necessary measures and your computer room will run efficiently for years.