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Cloud computing is the latest in storage of files and data to enable business and individuals the ability to access their files at any time as long as they have an internet connection.  This innovation makes the need for bulky on site servers and even personal storage devices a thing of the past.  With the addition of cloud services, many companies are finding a serious reduction in IT costs, allowing them to focus more on services and business operations rather than file storage and computer problems.

The cloud is has taken the dependence of on-site servers and storage devices away from many businesses.  This development has allowed business owners to have peace of mind knowing their information is stored safely and securely in a location they can access at any time.  The enormous reduction in costs of maintaining a full IT department has allowed an expansion in other business areas for many companies.


For the individual, the cloud eliminates that same need as a business, again with the security of knowing files are properly stored and accessible ensures no more lost files.  Instead of having all their personal pictures and files deleted if their computer crashes or needs to be replaced, all of these files are safely stored making replacing or repairing computers a much less invasive task.

Knowing files will be stored and accessible makes utilizing the Cloud a must for business and individual needs.  By storing all necessary files and data in the Cloud, businesses are more able to focus on what is helping to make them successful instead of having to make sure backups are done on time and files are protected.  For the individuals, the security of having your important and personal files readily accessible and in a location to be brought back to your computer or device at any given time provides peace of mind that at home storage just cannot provide.