The Latest on Data Breaches and Data Loss Prevention

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Backup and Remediation, Cyber Incident and Response, IT Security

No matter what industry your company represents, there are certain constants, and one of them is loss prevention. Loss prevention is everything: money coming in to a company must not be squandered by costs that are counterproductive to profitability. Legal costs that come from customers’ data getting compromised, costs that come with re-collecting data that was lost in a natural disaster, and time lost to stops in productivity due to systems being down are all directly related to poor data security. Data loss prevention is imperative.

In the general business environment that is becoming ever more dependent on online data and communications, the management of confidential, financial, and identity records, and the need to keep communications systems running smoothly and reliably, is a primary focus of loss prevention. In any business, its computer network – and whether it is configured correctly to protect the data and communication it contains – is critical.

Causes of Business Disruption

According to Accenture, the Fortune Global 500 corporation, in their 2017 report “Cost of Cybercrime Study”, the increase in the annual number of security breaches rose 27.4% over the previous year. And this means:

  • Lost productivity due to dysfunctional systems and system recovery downtime
  • Theft of customer records and sensitive data
  • Permanently lost information

These breaches happen due to a number of causes, which can include:

  • Identity Theft
  • Data Interception/Theft
  • Attacks from Hackers
  • Malware – Everything from Spyware, to Viruses, to Trojan Horses

The technology capable of guarding your business systems from such attacks are available, no matter what your industry may be. There are, however, different security solutions that are preferable for different business needs, from small firms to enterprise-level corporations.

Knowing What Steps to Take to Secure Your Business Cyber Systems

Implementing a network security system that has every conceivable protection in place requires a complete analysis of data operations. To make sure it is done correctly:

  1. Identify all personnel who are knowledgeable of the various facets of the business and communication operations.\
  2. Determine the data and communications solution that will best suit the specific needs of the business. This usually requires collaboration with a data security firm that is able to offer options for On-Prem or Off-Prem Cloud computing, Virtual Systems, and Fiber Technology. Any of these might be the best and most cost-effective solution for your business’ security needs.
  3. The IT Operations and Engineer specialists will work with the company to configure the right secure network to protect all data and communications according to the specific way that the company processes its information, and the way they need to protect it in accordance with the compliance expectations of their industry.
  4. Once the secure system is in place, there will be a period of testing.
  5. Every system needs to be correctly maintained to support security. It is crucial to have the data security firm who was responsible for the design of the system also be there to help maintain the system. Desktop and server support must be reliable and consistently available.

The investment in a secure network has an immediate payoff: when a system is properly secured, the system operates fast and smooth. It is productive and reliable. You do not have to wait for a hacker attack or a natural disaster to notice the financial benefits of a properly designed system. Here, at Secure Networkers, we have helped many clients who began business with inappropriate backup systems and firewall systems, that once an appropriate data security and storage systems was put in place by our technicians, they could recognize an immediate improvement in communication and productivity, just by having a correct cyber solution.

If you have any questions about what a properly secured network for your business might look like, give us a call at 281.651.2254. We will provide for you an honest discussion with no risk to you as you educate yourself on how to best protect your business and meet your data loss prevention goals.

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