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by | Aug 24, 2018 | Security by Industry

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Derek Muller has a lot to say about IT solutions for education. He is the creator of the YouTube educational science channel Veritasium, and while he has received critical acclaim for his science lessons in video format, he is quick to point out that a revolutionary way of presenting information, like a YouTube classroom might seem, does not revolutionize education. In fact, Muller took the time to address this through a video presentation reviewing a history of new inventions, their claims on revolutionizing education, and what eventually proved out to be a disparity between the claims and the reality, in his video “This Will Revolutionize Education”.

Muller’s point is a great and important point: technology, by itself, does not revolutionize the meaningful thought processes that lead to critical thinking and the understanding of knowledge. So, he asks, how can one use technology to facilitate meaningful thought processes? Which leads him to propose the follow-up question, what experiences promote the kind of thinking that is required for learning?

The answer is, of course, that if technology was ever proffered as a magic pill for learning, then a snake oil salesman was peddling it. Never the less, IT solutions for education have completely transformed the potential of the teacher to teach, and has provided a new array of media by which students can learn. Technology solutions for today’s classroom are also broader than those old-fashioned, misguided claims of making kids smarter. Possibly more important is that technology solutions in the classroom need to keep up with the technology atmosphere of the world outside the classroom. This includes the prospect of protecting our kids as they gather information off of that great information highway, known as the internet, so full of potential threats. Luckliy, there are IT solutions that can meet the needs of security as our kids access those Youtube videos. Learning should be something that can happen without fear of being preyed upon or hacked.

Internet Security on Campus, Whether 1:1 or Bring Your Own Devices

Some schools, in their effort to maintain security among electronic devices on campus, require all students to have a particular device. Known as 1:1 Device Management, the reason for this is that IT solutions for data security can be achieved with a one-device solution. However, because of innovations in technology, and possibly to the collective sigh of parents’ pocketbooks, there are network management solutions that allow for kids to take the family’s extra laptop to school rather than buying the more expensive brand that might otherwise be required by the school.

Complete visibility and management of all students’ devices – making sure they are staying safe and keeping away from unauthorized resources online – is now possible, with whatever device they choose to use. SafeSearch of all internet browsing, as well as enabling access to YouTube videos without recreational or inappropriate content, and also allowing for identity-based access policies, are all safely and easily managed. Solutions can be made to fit a small, private school campus or a multi-campus school district.

Secure Networkers, in partnership with Cisco Meraki, has developed solutions for the education environment, and is a leader in the education industry by providing safe networks. One of the elements required for effective learning is to have a safe environment for learning, and the need for reliable access to digital resources in and out of the classroom is a simple reality of our world today. Cisco Meraki tools provide for schools in the following ways:

  • Complete visibility and control. – From one single platform, he administration can control everything. Managing an entire network can be accomplished from a cloud-based dashboard, and provides insights into every aspect of network usage. Tools for troubleshooting will keep control over all network activity. All from a single pane of glass.
  • Reliable digital learning. – Connectivity is key, and Meraki is among the most reliable solutions.
  • Quick Deployment. – Deploying switches and access points has never been faster. Self-provisioning and rapid deployment means that hardware is pre-configured at the time of order. Once equipment is delivered, you simply plug it in, and watch it work.
  • Easy Broadband/Network Scaling. – Growing your school will not cause growing pains for your network. Scaling has never been simpler.
  • Funding Eligibility. – E-Rate funding that helps schools innovate by providing funding can be applied to your school’s solution. Your Account Manager at Secure Networkers can assist you with Funding Eligibility questions.

Collaboration in the Classroom

 IT Solutions for Education One of the more exciting uses of technology is how it can be used to improve interaction between teachers and students. Muller remarks that the most important of things that promote the kind of thinking required for learning is wrapped up in the fundamental job of the teacher: to guide the social process of learning, which involves all those well-regarded attributed of the well-regarded teacher: inspiring, challenging, exciting, and a provider of accountability and purveyor of encouragement. Any technology that helps the good teacher teach is a technology that is good for education.

Allowing the teacher to engage students at a higher level is something that can be implemented by Cisco WebEx Teams and Meetings solutions. Engaging kids by partnering them up and letting their creativity unleash is powerful stuff when the aim is to ignite meaningful thought processes.

IT Solutions for Education at Your School

And isn’t that the point of technology for education? The point was never in the novelty of technology to make the education experience better, or that students would suddenly be smarter. The usefulness of technology was always determined by whether or not technology would be a useful tool within the relationship of teachers with their students. Right now, the focus of technology has never been more focused than it is on its ability to protect research and facilitate collaboration. This is true for technology’s application in the boardroom, and maybe even more importantly, in the classroom.

Through E-rate eligibility, there are wonderful incentives for schools of all stripes to upgrade their network with free equipment and the latest IT solutions for education . Call Secure Networkers at (281) 651-2254 or email us. It would be our pleasure to consult with your school about the right solution for the needs of your students.

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