Cybersecurity: Staying Ahead of the Cybercriminal with Current Intel

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Cyber Incident and Response, Managed IT Security Services Providers

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Todd Ellis CTO Secure Networkers

Todd Ellis, the CTO of Secure Networkers, will be attending the Washington, D.C. “Breach Prevention Summit” produced by the Information Security Media Group.

This week Todd Ellis, the CTO of Secure Networkers, will be in Washington, D.C. attending the Breach Prevention Summit coordinated by the Information Security Media Group. With presentations by an elite group of specialists in the various disciplines of internet and network security, we are there to learn the newest potential intrusions being used by hackers, and gain knowledge on the best security practices to put to use for our customers.

Tom Field, VP of ISMG Editorial staff, promises detailed looks at cyber security “…from IoT and the emerging use of deception technology, to the ever-persistent and ongoing business email compromise trend, [and] DDoS for extortion and ransomware attacks…”. Staying ahead of the cyber criminal is a never-ceasing exercise of innovating protections faster than criminals can innovate new schemes. Secure Networkers is dedicated to keeping at the head of the pack in understanding the latest methods in which data security might be breached or compromised.

Useful Intel to Protect Business Networks

Among the topics slated for presentation on Day 1 (Tuesday , December 4th, 2018) include:

  • Implementing a Zero Trust Security Model
    Brigadier General Greg Touhill (Ret.)
    first Chief Information Security Officer of the U.S.
  • Cyber Insurance
    Richard Bortnick
    Cyber Liability and Insurance Attorney, Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry, LLP
  • Cyberwarfare – Hacking the Giants
    Eddie Doyle
    Global Security Strategist
  • Continuous Assurance Using Data Threat Modeling
    Fouad Khalil
    Vice President of Compliance, SecurityScorecard
  • Breach Response: The Board’s Role & PR Mistakes to Avoid
    Mark Rasch
    Principal, Rasch Technology and Cyber Law; former Chief Security Evangelist, Verizon
  • Breach Aftermath: The Challenge of Complete Identity Impersonation
    Al Pascual
    SVP, Research Director Head of Fraud & Security, Javelin Strategy and Research
  • Fighting Cyber-Crime with Intelligence-driven Fraud Mitigation
    Jaclyn Blumenfeld
    Director, Intelligence Services Global Cyber Security & Fraud, FirstData
  • Blockchain and Fraud Prevention
    Avivah Litan
    VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research

…and many other topics and distinguished presenters.

Business Security Insights for Our Followers

We will regularly post on our various social media sites what gems of useful information come out of our participation at this summit. You can find us & follow us at:


Call Secure Networkers at (281) 651.2254 if you have concerns about your business’ network security, defense, or automation. Our job is to help you select a network security configuration that will keep your business healthy and at the peak of performance, free of all kinds of malware and protected from attacks.

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