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Some of our network specialists recently ran into an issue with local machines not able to access the server using file explorer.
Even though both the DNS and IP checked out as not being part of the problem, our staff discovered that the current Window Updates Patches actually deployed to disable Server Message Blocked (SMBv1) access.

To gain server access back, simply enable it through control panel.

  • Go to Programs and Features
    Control Panel Programs and Features
  • Turn on/off window features
    Turn Windows Features On Off
  • Find SMBv1/client
    Select SMB File Sharing Support File
  • Check it and restart.

Be aware that enabling this feature is actually a security hole that Wannacry outbreak was able to breach, and so Microsoft has removed this protocol for Windows 10. SMBv1 is used in servers older than 2008 which should not be in production anymore. To learn more about SMBv1 as a vulnerability, here is a useful article that provides more detail.

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