Texas K-12 Cyber Security: New School Technology Grant Initiatives

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Security by Industry, Security Solutions by Brand

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The US Department of Justice is now executing the second round of the School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) initiatives, continuing an investment in the technology, coordination and training necessary for a safer K-12 school environment.

This school technology grant application has a deadline of May 31, 2019.

Now that we are in 2019, public school districts are eligible to apply on their own. This was not the case in 2018, as the previous grant required local governments to lead the proposal.

Grant Program/Overview

This grant supports efforts to improve security at K-12 schools and on school grounds. Examples of eligible equipment include, but are not limited to:

  • Video surveillance technology (e.g. Surveillance cameras and accompanying equipment)
  • Communication technology (e.g. Emergency call boxes, Intercom or PA system, Panic and immediate alarm notification systems,)
  • Emergency alerts (e.g. Automated text messages or emails)
  • Entry Control Equipment (e.g. Door locking mechanisms/access control doors)

Learn more at the Bureau of Justice Assistance STOP School Violence Program Information Page.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible applicants are state and local governments, public agencies (including sheriff’s departments, police departments, and public school districts), and tribal organizations. Private K-12 schools may also receive funding, but a private school cannot apply on its own.
Secure Networkers is Texas DIR certified to provide all Cisco products – which includes video surveillance security, network security, internet security, and communication/collaboration security – to all state and local agencies across Texas. Secure Networkers is also a Texas HUB business. We are able to assist with the application process.

If you are a Texas public agency or school hoping to take advantage of this program to improve your cyber defense posture, please complete the form below. This will initiate the application process, with which we are able to assist.

SVPP Technology Grant Application Deadline Date:

Grant applications are due May 31, 2019.

How to Apply

Application Request

Call 281.651.2254 if you have further questions. We are happy to help you determine how best to take advantage of the SVPP program and provide your organization with exceptional security.

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