Network Gap Analysis: See the Chinks in Your Cybersecurity Armor and Cover Them

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Cloud Computing, Cyberattack, Data Security, Email Environment Security, Hacker Prevention, Intrusion Prevention, Network Security, Network Visibility, Uncategorized

“Assumptions are the enemy of security,” Secure Networkers CTO Todd Ellis observes.

A network without complete visibility runs the risk of unknown security gaps. Companies who have not executed thorough network gap analysis leads to companies assuming their networks are secure… until the cyber attack happens that proves it wasn’t, leaving the CISO or IT management team looking foolish and at fault.

So how do you find those gaps and close them?

This instructive article explains the following attributes of a Network Gap Analysis:

  1. The false security of “Shadow IT”
  2. What confidence you can have in cloud security
  3. Infrastructure and the internet
  4. The lack of a good backup system is a serious gap
  5. A to-do list to help you address and fix typical gaps

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Elements of a Gap Analysis

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