Secure Networkers IT News Brief February 2020

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Cyberattack, Data Breach Response, Incident Response Plan, MSSP, Network Remediation, Network Security, Uncategorized

In this IT News Brief:

  • Are you ready? A Cyberattack or databreach is very likely to hit your business. Will it hit you hard, or have you prepared for it? The path of preparation is daunting, but there are things to make it easier. We discuss.
  • Meet Miguel Espinosa, one of our new Desktop Support Specialists, a young tech with a well-seasoned sensibility he brings to the work..
  • Are you a bad end user? Truth is, we all can be from time to time. Maintaining sefety standards as a computer operator is a growing battle. We share some thoughts on this front, too.

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