IT News Brief April 2020

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

s In this IT News Brief:

  • COVID-19 has more people than ever working from home. This has forced many companies to make rushed decisions about how to operate a remote work force. Many have resorted to using shabby VPNs (Virtual Private Networks, some of which have malicious contents). This newsletter gives advice on what constitues a secure remote workforce… and what does not.
  • Meet Katherine Parker, our Marketing Maven. A bit techie, and bit word-smithy, and very creative. She has been at this for a while!
  • A don’t-miss opportunity! – As Cicso partners, we are able to offer a 3 WEEK FREE TRIAL of both Cisco Umbrella and AMP for Endpoints. If your business is not protected with DNS filtering and endpoint security, we heartily encourage you to experience ths trial and see what it means to have both network visibility and security from whithin the network and without. If your business is already protected, but you know of a business that still needs to develop their network’s security posture, we encourage you to refer them to us. We will take great care of them and make you look great in the process! Secure Networkers IT News Brief – April 2020

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