Wi-Fi 6 Cisco Meraki: The Next Generation of Wireless – Whitepaper

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Uncategorized, White Papers, White Papers on Cisco Meraki Solutions

Cisco MerakiThis whitepaper introduces the benefits and capabilities of the sixth generation of Wi-Fi, based on the 802.11ax amendment to the IEEE 802.11 WLAN standard.

“Another new amendment to the Wi-Fi standard! Every new generation of Wi-Fi brings an opportunity to pause and consider the transformational changes that will be affecting us in the coming years. Today, Wi-Fi networks already experience bandwidth-intensive media content and multiple Wi-Fi devices per user. Moving forward, networks will face a continued dramatic increase in the number of devices, a tripling of the total global IP traffic, and a diverse range of new technologies that will all heavily rely on Wi-Fi.”

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