Women in IT: Trending Technicians

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As a woman-owned network security company, Secure Networkers celebrates and advocates for women who join the ranks of IT professionals. Computer technology might seem to traditionally fall to nerdy guys, or you might assume it is the career path that gamers tend to take when they find they need to get serious about a job. The truth, however, is there are many kinds of career paths available in IT and
network security, some of which have remarkable
egalitarian appeal.

Zoe QuintanaIntroducing Zoe Quintana, one of our Desktop Support
Specialists who came into her career by virtue of serving as a 25B-
Information Technology Specialist for the Army Reserves for nine years. We thought we would ask her some of the reasons why she loves what she does, and give you some insights about information technology from a feminine perspective.

1. What inspired you to choose a career in tech?

I chose a career in IT because is a field that is in a constant evolution. The constant evolution pushes you to keep learning new technologies and new concepts.

2. What is the biggest challenge that comes with the job?

The greatest challenge that I encounter is that sometimes people have a misconception that technology is a perfect thing. I always tell the user, yes technology is a great tool, but it can have its ups and downs. Also, there is not a perfect software or hardware because all are created and programmed by humans — so there is going to be a grade of imperfection or issue with any technology.

3. In what ways do you believe you contribute special value to the team?

I am very good at researching. Also, I am good at keeping myself calm when I am helping a user that is frustrated.

Multitasking and attention to detail are other traits often associated with female strengths. Both of these are strengths in high demand in the realm of network security and IT.

Furthermore, the ability to communicate – to talk customers through a point of confusion and bring them to a place of clarity, to provide confidence and understanding of the solutions – this is an essential skill.

So when you call for IT support and you receive response from a woman in IT, be prepared for a great experience.

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