Why Private Cloud

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Cloud Computing

Years ago, public cloud was regarded as the intelligent, cost-effective solution for data storage and management. The alternative had been owning and managing your own hardware. Public offered attractive turnkey software solutions as well, and it made the prospect of moving all company data into a public hosting service a no-brainer.

When Public Cloud Cramps Productivity

But time changes all things. That inexpensive public hosting got more expensive. The company’s data footprint continued to grow. The company realized that it would be important to find an alternative service, then discovered that the exfiltration costs involved in removing the data from one service into another service would be expensive. Public cloud charges for the removal of data, and those charges can be steep. Furthermore, the amount of time it takes to exfiltrate the data (download it) while at the same time still operating the business can also prove nearly impossible.

This leaves a business stuck in what is essentially a hostage situation. Although there is access to the data, there are also barriers that prevent a company from actually having autonomous control over their data. Just like owning land in a state with a property tax, there are limits on land ownership: you may have paid off your mortgage, but that doesn’t mean the land is yours. If you don’t believe it, try not paying your property tax and see what happens. The same is true for a company with data in the public cloud: does a company really own its data if it can be shut off from it?

Today’s Private Cloud

Meanwhile, private cloud service has also evolved. It is more customizable, and therefore performance is more optimizable. Unlike public, it allows for routing options. One option is point-to-point connectivity that can keep you and your data off the internet altogether for maximum security. These days, from an expense standpoint, private cloud is in some ways like public cloud. The private cloud model is essentially the same as public cloud, and private no longer carries the burden of buying and maintaining hardware. As a result, the standard investment is about the same. So imagine enjoying a colocation experience without hardware as a factor.

Secure Networkers offers private cloud services. We offer our customers the absolute confidence that their data will not only be secure, but it will truly be owned by them. Our customers never have to worry about exfiltration costs should they arrive at a point in their business where they need to make a cloud service change: we do not charge exfiltration fees. Our customers never have to worry that they will be kept from their data should any misfortune arise: we do not hold data hostage.

If your business is interested in making a change from public to private, but you are worried about the expense involved in making the transition, give us a call. We may be able to help with that. Regardless, one of the very best decisions you can make for your company is the decision that will protect your data as both your business and your data grow.

With a Secure Networkers private cloud service, you will own your data.

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