Disaster Preparedness: Surviving the Ice Storm

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Disaster Preparedness and Response

Last week Texas was devastated by a record freeze that passed through our state. Families suffered freezing temperatures in their homes for days because of the rolling power outages. Pipes that no one imagined would ever need to be insulated for arctic temperatures down here in the sub tropics, busted and caused major plumbing emergencies.

Business Freeze

But it was not only homes that suffered through the ice storms. Businesses did too. Power outages interrupted operations. Busted pipes destroyed computer workstations and servers. Confusion about the status of conditions down at the office prevented office managers from knowing how to instruct office staff remotely, whether they could come to work, or perhaps even to let them know if the office could be a place of warm refuge for employees whose homes were without power.

Secure Networkers worked hard to maintain open lines of communication with customers through the week. Many of our services and solutions are intentionally for the purpose of remaining up and operational through a natural disaster, and this unusual disaster certainly tested what we could expect under these unprecedented conditions.

Assisting our Customers in Emergency Situations

Throughout the ordeal, our customers who rely on our cloud services remained up and running so long as they had access to power and internet.

For our customers who suffered from flooding events caused by busted pipes, we could be reached 24/7 and we were able to responded within 24 hours with required cable and with loaner laptops that were set with all the needed applications pre-installed.

For our customers who needed to assess remotely whether their offices had power and internet, Secure Networkers was able to remote into our customer’s business systems to confirm the status of these utilities.

Now that the Polar Express is gone from our region and temperatures have been restored back to flip-flop weather, we can now debate whether we should kick up a few notches the winterization of our homes. A whole-house generator is probably a good investment after all… but for businesses, it is a great time to assess disaster preparedness and investing in services that will enable you to continue operations through a storm. Having a reliable Managed Security Service Provider that is able to get a business operation up as quickly as possible when disaster strikes is an essential consideration. If the events of the ice storm brought this matter to the fore, and if businesses work to better prepare their networks to withstand future disasters, then it will make the experience a very valuable one.

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