Prepare Your Business Network for the 2021 Hurricane Season

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Disaster Preparedness and Response

Get your business network ready! Meteorologists predict the 2021 Hurricane Season is going to be an eventful hurricane season.

According to Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist at The Weather Company, the outlook for the coming hurricane season anticipates 18 storms, with 8 developing to full-hurricane status and three of those being Category 3 or higher.

Every business located along the Gulf Coast should anticipate a hurricane every year, regardless of prediction. If, however, you are concerned that your business may need some attention to make sure preparations are in place, now is the time to do it. If the anticipation of a high-risk 2021 hurricane season provides sufficient motivation to not put it off any longer, get your business hurricane-ready now.

Here is the short list of hurricane preparation measures, all of which are good measures to keep your network safe from any number of other disasters as well, which could actually hit any time of the year:

Before there is a storm:

Make sure you have a reliable backup service.
If you are a small business utilizing an inexpensive backup service, at the moment of real crisis you might find out that not all of your files were actually backed up, even though that is the claim the service makes. In a crisis, you are very likely to find out that retrieving your files may not happen easily or quickly. Put your backup through a test run to know how it will perform, and do this well before an emergency hits.

Test backup and recovery processes regularly.
Even the best backup services are no good if the data is not being backed up regularly. No matter which service you use, part of a good maintenance program is to test the backup process regularly, and to ensure that backups are happening in intervals that match the business’ tolerance for lost data. In other words, If backup is happening only once a week but you need to make sure data you retried after a crisis hits includes data from yesterday, then it is time to consider baking up daily. Backup processes can go offline, so checking the process regularly is a must.

Review Disaster Recovery Plan.
If your business does not have a plan, get one going now. We offer a free worksheet to help you along. The plan is the step-by-step to follow when the company is hit with an incident that throws the business network off track, so be sure that you have prepared for yourself a ready copy of all the executables you need to remember to recover your business.

What to do when the storm approaches.

  • Shut down and UNPLUG all servers and workstations.
  • UNPLUG network equipment.
  • Keep in mind that camera systems and security systems MAY be affected.
  • Raise hardware off the ground if there is a concern or risk of flooding
  • Turn off UPS. It will drain the battery if the power is out.
  • Review your Disaster Recovery plan.
If you need help with creating a Disaster Recovery plan, we are able to provide this service. If your business is hit with any kind of disaster event, and you find your network is in need of remediation, we are here to help. Call us at 281.651.2254.
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