IT News Brief September 2021

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In this IT News Brief September 2021:

  • Passwords and Promises
    Algorithms crack passwords. But the laws of math, which bad actors will abuse to break passwords and their promises of security, can be used in our favor.  We explain.
  • 2FA and MFA
    What is the distinction between 2FA and MFA? Why does my company need it? These questions and others are answered by Todd Ellis, and the ease that 2FA/MFA apps bring to the security of all other business applications.
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  • Backup Confidence
    Whether the catastrophe comes in the form of a fire, flood, ransomware event, or cyber attack, a business’ response will be directly proportional to the degree there is backup confidence.
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Secure Networkers IT News Brief September 2021

IT News Brief September 2021 Passwords and Promises

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