IT News Brief November 2021

by | Oct 29, 2021 | General Information

In this IT News Brief November 2021:

  • Keeping Up with Updates
    Keeping up with updates for your computer system and applications is a never-ending responsibility, and it is easy to put them off. But doing so can mean sudden malfunction, and can also mean your system lacks new and critical protections. So don’t let ’em lag!
  • Private cloud for SMBs
    Going with a public cloud solution is the default for a lot of small to mid-sized businesses, with the notion that public is cheaper. But shoehorning your business to the constrictions of public services can cost big in the long run, when all along private cloud would have been just as affordable and custom to your business needs.
  • Ransomware: Our Customers are Ready
    ALL business networks can be targeted for a ransomware attack, and all it takes is one moment of indiscretion by a user, opening a disguised email of visiting a bad website, that can compromise a whole network. An effective backup system is the first line of defense to make sure that a ransomware incident, or any other type of cyber attack, does not hurt business continuity. When an attack comes, our customers are ready.

Secure Networkers IT News Brief November 2021

IT News Brief November 2021

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