Putting the ‘Service’ in ‘Managed Security Services Provider’

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Managed IT Security Services Providers

Melissa Psencik

Melissa Psencik

Client Success Manager

An MSSP service is usually described as a company that provides the 24/7 defense required to maintain a strong security posture for a business network. And that is true; that is what we do.

But this does not adequately flesh out all the dramas, large and small, that can jam up a network in a hurry, and cause all sorts of confusion or down time until the help arrives.

Our job to investigate, identify, and fix every imaginable error and incompatibility that can happen to a system. Sometimes the problem can be detected remotely, but very often the first thing we must do is get good information from the customer about what happened leading up to the crisis.

When a Managed Security Services Provider is at Its Best

As the Client Success Manager, my first priority is to put the customer at ease when they call in with a problem. Most problems are solved quickly and easily, but anxiety can often get in the way of the solution. So, when a call comes in like a 911 panic, I do my best to handle it with the quick assurance that everything is going to be alright and we will fix it. After all, a whole system can go down just because someone plugged a printer back into the network the wrong way. Sometimes fixing a connection is all we have to do. Clear thinking and easy conversation can go a long way toward retracing steps to where things went sideways, and discovering the source of the problem to be fixed.

This is why it is so important to develop a good and strong relationship with our customers. Getting a feel for communication styles is my strong suit, and this is the role I play at Secure Networkers. When a customer calls in, my job is to assess the situation and connect the customer with the right tech to help them with their issue as quickly as possible. It never hurts to add a dash of humor, too! A little latitude to the situation can be a big help, when properly applied. Network security and smooth operations is a very serious business, but humor and lightheartedness give important balance and help smooth out the wrinkles as we navigate a course to getting the system back to full operation.

Networks are so very dynamic. Human error, third party application updates with incompatibilities, business email compromise concerns, not to mention all those various kinds of cyber threats trying to find any chink in a network’s security armor, can be the source of problems. They are the cause for unending nervousness for anyone responsible for keeping things up and running. We want our customers to have confidence in their network. We take on these concerns for them. If there is any way that I can help a customer keep the fun in the game of network communications, I will do it. Keeping perspective is a very healthy thing, and it can provide the ounce of network insight that can prevent a pound of future complications. It means we have the ability to not merely fix problems, but often we can help clients navigate to better practices on their end that will avoid the need for future service calls.

We aim for a five-star support service experience with every phone call and service ticket. Taking the time to develop great relationships with every one of our customers makes this possible.

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