IT News Brief July 2022

by | Jul 13, 2022 | General Information

In this IT News Brief July 2022:

  • Data Governance and Administrative Rights for Non-IT Personnel​
    Business network access cannot be at the detriment of the security profile of the company, but at the same time, business does not happen unless all users are able to access what they need. How do you go about assigning access privileges to non-IT personnel without potentially risking the security of the network? Data governance is the the solution to this problem.
  • Data Breach Horror Stories
    These days, data breach stories are a dime a dozen. And, they are often an inside job.  So where is your business vulnerable? You don’t want to be the next horror story. A gap analysis can provide you with answers.
  • VIDEO: Cyber Insurance
    Insurance companies are becoming much more explicit about what they will cover and under what circumstances they will cover it. They will want to know what kind of cybersecurity the company has put in place, and what policies govern the use of the network.

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