IT News Brief November 2022

by | Oct 26, 2022 | General Information

In this IT News Brief November 2022:

  • The Merits of an Encrypted Backup
    The merits of having an encrypted backup can hardly be overstated. If a criminal gets access to your backup, can they use the data in it? Encryption can make that stolen data useless to the criminal, and the breach less of a liability. A cyber insurance company will want to know this before determining coverage.
  • Catastophes Happen
    How can you keep a reliable backup plan?
  • VIDEO: Backup and Recovery, and How to Have Confidence In Both
    We often get calls from businesses in a panic because they find, after a power outage, hardware failure, or cyber attack, that their data was not properly backing up. It is never fun when we have to explain to them that their backup plan was flawed and their data is gone for good. Make sure this does not happen to you.


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