IT News Brief January 2023

by | Jan 4, 2023 | General Information

In this IT News Brief January 2023:

  • A Stormy Month in the Rackspace Cloud
    Rackspace is a cloud provider and it was recently hit by a ransomware attack. It reminds us all that every organization can be vulnerable to attack, and of the need to maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.
  • The most important insurance: a reliable backup.
    Not all backup processes are the same. Which is the right one for your business’ needs? Is that the one you have right now? It’s the most important insurance you can have in the event of a cyber attack or natural disaster.
  • VIDEO: Backup recovery, and how to have confidence in both.
    There are four fundamental bases to cover for a good security posture. Cover these, and you will have a well protected network and great visibility of your network operations.


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