Secure Networkers: Hosting Options

Private Could, Public Cloud, Co-location and Hybrid Solutions


Cloud Hosting Options

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the procurement of server resources from a cloud service provider. You essentially install your applications on their cloud environment for access from “anywhere” provided you have an internet connection.

Hosting Pros

  • Consistent experience for all users
  • Redundancy during natural disasters, power outages
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Ability to increase hardware resources as needed
  • Ability to run a sandbox (testing) environment to test compatibility for new software
  • Fees become a monthly fixed cost

Hosting Cons

  • Unreliable internet can cause “downtime”.
  • Locked into services with a specific vendor
  • Limited control of hardware
  • Limited flexibility

Private cloud

The private cloud is defined as the area where cloud services are provided by a private IT infrastructure.

Public cloud

The public cloud is defined as services offered by third party providers over the public internet. They are generally priced by storage, bandwidth usage and CPU.

*It’s important to note that security can be a concern if you haven’t taken advantage of the public cloud security options that are offered.


This is when you have a combination of services. You maintain some applications onsite and some in the cloud. You can also use a combination of private and public cloud.


One of the most important concerns about cloud investment is the fear of being locked into support software that is not a best fit for the business network. With public cloud, there is often limited choices. With private cloud options, then comes the concern that the private cloud provider is committed to reselling services, leaving concern about who is actually responsible for management.

Secure Networkers does not resell anyone else’s services. Secure Networkers provides authentic private cloud services to our clients, and therefore provides complete management and support for it.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Hosting Options

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Colocation as Part of Your Hosting Solution