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Webex Training Improves Virtual Training and the Online Classroom

“Virtual training” once meant, simply, that the instructor and class participants convened in an online forum. The teacher might have been visible from a camera feed, but otherwise it had problems. Stilted classroom discussion of participants came from audio or text only. Audience input was either nonexistent or limited to feedback form-like quizzes or comments. The ability to ask questions in mid-lecture were limited. It was awkward.

Until now.

virtual training webex trainingCisco’s Webex has reinvented the way that virtual training is done.

Virtual training is taking a big leap forward with an approach to training that is independent of previous limitations. Webex trainings are conducted with the support of Cisco global data centers. It unleashes all the possible kinds of interactions you might need in a training:

  • Conduct new hire orientation sessions.
  • Certification trainings and certification test administration.
  • Conduct pay-per-session training services.
  • Create continuing education training with sessions that include both lectures and breakout activities.

Webex Training better simulates the traditional classroom. Therefore, it better simulates a productive learning experience. With the ability to further engage with breakout sessions, file access, and more, training time will not be a waste of time. Webex Training takes participant engagement to a new place:

  • Highly interactive training capabilities
  • Lectures, Labs, Break-out Session capabilities
  • Testing and Grading on the fly
  • Polling and interactive Q&A’s keep it lively.
  • E-Commerce integration (optional) makes it possible to charge for on-demand training.
    Or, to make a store for supplemental media material.
  • Useful in a traditional class setting as well as online.

Virtual Training in a Traditional Classroom

Webex’s virtual training platform is also useful in a traditional classroom setting. Students at desks can access training material while a trainer presents at the front of the class. Students can use any device they wish. Webex virtual training works on any device.

Additionally, you can record sessions, students can review lessons later. Educators can build and manage a library of on-demand training courses.

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