Webex Meetings and events

Virtual Meetings Made Powerful and Versatile

Cisco Webex Meetings and Events makes business meetings a breeze. Audio and video are clear. Screen sharing is easier than ever. It helps you forget about the technology so you can focus on what matters.


Cisco Webex Meetings and Events takes all the hassle out of remote conference calling. It makes for a winning virtual meeting experience.

Seamless video conferencing with easy hosting.

It is a lifelike and award-winning video experience. You will enjoy high-quality video anywhere you are with the support of Cisco global data centers.

Experience screen sharing with documents and spreadsheets, with no background distractions.

It is a software that helps all attendees get completely focused on the business at hand. Cisco Webex Meetings and Events employs built-in intelligence that detects interrupting background sounds, resulting in fewer interruptions. The on-screen environment is agile between speaker, contributors, and presentation pieces.

Meet with up to 40,000 people, or as few as two. The connections are all secure.

You can “lock” your virtual meeting room to keep your meetings on track. It also protects your discussions. Meetings can be recorded as well.

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