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The importance of IT security cannot be understated. Businesses very often think they are too insignificant to justify unwanted attention from hackers and bad actors. The truth is that everybody is a target no matter their size. Secure Networkers understands the importance of security. Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your business information is paramount.

Greatest Threats to your IT Security

  • Ransomware
  • Unpatched vulnerabilities
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Social Hacking/User Carelessness
  • IoT Attacks
  • Third Party Software
  • Shadow IT

What You Can Do to Improve IT Security

  • Make sure you have remote backups in place.
  • Use software to mitigate nefarious email attachment content.
  • Set standardized policies for employee PC use and enforce them.
  • Provide training
  • Conduct routine IT audits
  • Properly update and patch your hardware
  • Stay on top of hardware vulnerabilities in the industry
  • Limit the ability of BYOD on your network
  • Make sure you understand the security risks of third party software
  • Enable and enforce user permissions specific to the job

IT News Brief November 2022

In this IT News Brief November 2022: The Merits of an Encrypted BackupThe merits of having an encrypted backup can hardly be overstated. If a criminal gets access to your backup, can they use the data in it? Encryption can make that stolen data useless to the...

The Merits of an Encrypted Backup

The purpose for backing up system servers is obvious: If anything goes wrong with the network, the backup provides data restoration. But backups themselves are not immune from calamity. In particular, ransomware can infect the backup just as easily as the system...

IT News Brief October 2022

In this IT News Brief October 2022: October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month Who is Watching: Privileged Access ManagementPrivileged Access Management software limits which accounts can have access to sensitive company data and key areas within the network. Watching...

Watching the Watchers: System Security and Monitoring Administrator Access

We looked at the importance of privileged access management (PAM) software in our last article. It enforces each user’s access and restrictions of business software and accounts, and it determines which devices will be allowed to interact with the network. The...

Who is Watching: Privileged Access Management

Having “complete” network security involves securing the system from threats within an organization as much as it does the threats outside of it. The people who are given access to the network are, logically, the ones most free to compromise the system if they have a...

IT News Brief September 2022

In this IT News Brief September 2022: End of Life: Preparing for the Demise of a TechnologyEnd Of Life cycle planning is a piece of IT management that can easily get neglected. We discuss how businesses can stay on top of it. Patch Update FrequencyBackup confidence...

End Of Life: Preparing for the Demise of a Technology

IT managers often get stuck in the moment-by-moment demands of the networks they supervise. In their work of putting out daily fires, it is easy to lose sight of the forest because of the trees. One of the “big picture” visuals that can get overlooked is the life...

Patch Update Frequency

A critical area of computer network management is the job of making sure that all the software that runs the company is up to date. And, every time a software company discovers that one of its software products has a vulnerability that a threat actor can exploit, the...

IT News Brief August 2022

In this IT News Brief August 2022: ​Backup Integrity and Malware-FreeThe steps required to make sure your network possesses backup integrity and malware-free restoration requires these elements to be in place. Backup Before Disaster StrikesBackup confidence matters,...

Backup Integrity and Malware-Free

Restoring Company Data After Any Crisis The source of a cyber incident will be found in one of three areas: Malicious activity committed by a network insider, An accident or misjudgment made by a network insider, or An attack by an outsider, who likely ferreted a way...

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