Secure Networkers Data Solutions by Industry

Data Security and Data Management for Every Business Need

IT Solutions Specific for Your Industry

Secure Networkers meets the networking needs of every industry. We are proud to be serving customers in many common industries. These include:

Accountant/Tax Preparer/Money Manager IT

IT Security for Accountants,
Tax Preparers, & Financial Industry

Secure and easy access to accounting records is high priority for:

  • CPAs
  • Bookkeepers
  • Tax preparation services
  • Money managers

Secure Networkers gives financial industry customers confidence that client’s records are safe. MORE

Architect and Engineer Firms

Architect and Engineer Easy File Management

This industry exercises precision and imagination in design. Office systems of an architect or an engineer must manage extremely large files. It must keep transmission of files completely secure. And, it must have the technological agility to make corrections to designs on the fly. Sometimes while collaborating from very remote locations. Secure Networkers has data and communication solutions to fill these needs.MORE

Attorney Firms

Law Firm Data Security

Attorneys need absolute protection of their case files and briefs. They must protect the contact information of witnesses and consultants. A data and security management system is imperative. Secure Networkers designs data and network solutions needed by legal professionals. MORE

Construction Industry

Construction IT Solutions

Foremen and construction contractors need mobile communication capability. Construction work is field work. Therefore, having access to plans and contracts at remote locations is essential. Also, there is a strong need to communicate and conference from remote locations. The ability to approve work done between the location of the project and the corporate office saves time and money. Secure Networkers provides mobile device integration. We also design speed into network systems to access information quickly. MORE


IT Solutions for Private and Public Education Industries

The agile collaborative environment is exploding into the education scene. The focus was once on higher education, but no longer. New technologies makes the collaborative educational environment completely effective for younger learners, too. The more we can make education hands-on, the more we learn. Collaboration technologies are making the education experience so much more interactive. MORE

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare/Medical IT Solutions

Following HIPAA protocols requires data security and management solutions. New technology also provides more agility to services. Doctors often meet patient healthcare needs with a multitude of devices and specialists. This means mobile device management with secure data is also an important consideration. It also means collaboration IT, which allows conferencing between doctors and patient, can help. Secure Networkers has Healthcare Industry customers that range across many specializations. MORE


IT Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Logistics companies and the transportation industry is a competitive industry. It also has safety, security, and scheduling challenges unlike many other industries. The computer network of a carrier must support scheduling. It must support contingency planning. It must manage safety and security measures to get materials from suppliers to customers on time and without incident. This happens only with reliable digital networking and IT solutions. Secure Networkers brings effective solutions to the Transportation Industry.  MORE