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Construction IT Solutions Must Be Agile

Having a well constructed network is key to keeping projects moving forward. Secure Networkers provides networking solutions that can automate a construction business.

Construction IT Solutions Include:

  • Construction IT Solutions Must Be AgileA system that supports software for all construction processes:
    • bid proposals and estimate software
    • management of job phases
    • accounting software
    • inventory and billing software
    • project reporting software
    • quality control and client relations software
  • Collaboration solutions that improve communication. Clearer communication reduces calculation errors that often plague projects.
  • The ability to process large file sizes with ease. Adobe, CAD, and ERP applications included.
  • Mobility. Secure Networkers can provide Mobile Device Management solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Us:


“Secure Networkers has been our vendor of choice for networking, software and hardware for about two years. They’re exceptional at what they do and always a pleasure with which to work. They have been adaptable in their approach to our requirements and promptly facilitated our most trivial request. They are ‘solid guys’ as well.”

Michael McKenzie

Owner, Precision Siteworks

Truth In Industry:


“When construction companies experience growth, there is a need to streamline business processes, boost efficiency, and make the most of their administrative time. Though the construction industry has significantly ramped up its adoption of new technologies in recent years, there are still some growing pains and learning curves when it comes to pulling the trigger on software.”

Astrid Young and Randi Sherman

“Software Trends in the Construction Industry”, 04 April 2017

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Elements of IT Solutions for This Industry:

Construction Industry Data Storage & Security

Secure management of financial and accounting records involves backup and easy retrieval. It must protect records about specs and designs. Approval processes for projects and developments are helped by automation. And, of course, it must keep track of contracts with vendors and subcontractors. Furthermore, proper data backup means records will be secure, even if disaster strikes. LEARN MORE Construction Data Storage Security

Keeping Competitive with IT Automation

This IT in construction survey shows that more outfits are using construction IT solutions. They are seeing the benefits of leveraging network solutions to drive profitability. A network designed to support project management software is more efficient. Estimating software, scheduling software, and design and spec software as well. They all require a network system that is able to support them. Secure Networkers can provide this. LEARN MORE Construction IT Automation

Easy Communication Between Construction Project Collaborators

Agile collaboration is a game changer. Now foremen can connect with subcontractors without trouble. Project managers can better communicate instructions to vendors. It is easy to update clients on progress, with meetings and reports, and it can happen on the fly. Decisions can take minutes to communicate instead of hours or days. No more emails with attachments… information can be communicated in real time and directly, with files at quick access.

  • Reliable video meetings and conferencing
  • Share documents, presentations and applications
  • Presentations can involve anyone you need, on the fly, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Record meetings with ease.

LEARN MORE Construction Collaboration





IT solutions common to the construction industry may include:

MerakiCisco SystemsCisco WebexDell Partners     MicrosoftStoragecraft

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