CPA Firm Cybersecurity and Data Security for Business Finances

The field of financial management requires many IT applications. We offer:cpa firm cybersecurity IT for accountants tax preparers money managers

  • CPA firm cybersecurity
  • Data protection for bookkeeping & individual tax preparation firms
  • Data storage and encryption for investment managers
  • Solutions for enterprise-level accounting divisions of corporations


Secure Networkers designs and implements data security solutions. We provide systems that will protect sensitive financial information. Offering:

  • Protection from hacking and cyber attacks
  • Complete data recall after a disaster strikes
    (with the right solution in place)
  • Data forensic capabilities to re-track events that led up to a data issue
    (with the right solution in place)

What Our Clients Say About Us:

Secure Networkers has been our IT company for eight years. Their staff have all the necessary specializations and they keep us up, running and productive.

We will be forever grateful for their service on April 18, 2016-Tax Day flood in Houston.

We are a CPA that prepares and files tax returns. On that day I arrived at the office at 6:00 to discover that we had power but no internet.

Todd Ellis, an owner, braved flooded streets and sheeting rain to travel 30 miles for more than 3½ hours to rescue us. He restored internet service. We e-filed the returns and extensions. We did not have to revert to paper filing.

That Marine saved us.

David P Farra

CPA, Viebig, McCommon & Associates, PC. CPAs

Truth In Industry:

“…almost 1.4 billion records were exposed in 686 breaches reported between Jan. 1 and March 31 [2018].”
Douglas Bonderud

"Data Breach Statistics Q1 2018: Disclosure Times Remain High as Total Numbers Fall", IBM

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Elements of IT Solutions for This Industry:


Encryption is at the heart of financial industry. Secure Networkers has data encryption software solutions that meet the needs of the financial and accounting world. We offer data storage solutions that are Sarbanes-Oxley complaint.

Data Access

Data breaches and theft are a real and growing threat. A lost laptop can mean lost data. Private information can escape into the hands of the wrong person. Expensive damage mitigation measures and recovery costs can come from simple accidents. And, of course, criminals are always attempting to break in to financial records.

Furthermore, it defies regulatory standards to be without proper network defenses. But once Secure Networkers has secured your data storage (and all modes of access to it), your data will be secure. With the right encryption software solution, all records will be safe and retrievable. Your company and all its employees will be able to access records and accounting data with confidence. Enjoy flexibility, too. Access can be from any device you want. LEARN MOREAccounting and financial Data Loss Prevention

We make sure your company has ease of access to your data. This includes effective backup and recall. Optimizing your network streams for reliable operation requires a network with proper configuration. Secure Networkers will see that your operating environment supports your software. Software that manages and tracks revenue require networks that support it well. LEARN MOREAccounting Automation
New collaboration technologies have great application to the financial world. Secure meetings with clients can be done across personal devices. The ability to analyze data and consult about financial decisions can happen in one afternoon. Clients appreciate having more visibility of their financial status. Also, having a higher level of communication with a financial manager builds trust. There is no sacrifice of security, either. Collaboration technologies make it easier then ever to move along critical decision making. LEARN MOREAccounting Collaboration

IT solutions common to the accounting and financial industry may include:

Cisco Meraki        Cisco Systems       Cisco Webex       Dell Partners       Microsoft       Storagecraft