Data Security for the Healthcare Industry

Secure Networkers creates and maintains HIPAA compliant networks.

HIPAA Assessments and Network Risk Assessments

Secure Networkers performs Annual HIPAA Assessments. We can provide the documentation that protects your healthcare business from audit penalties. There are many types of network evaluations that maintain the strength of your network’s security. Secure Networkers performs any assessment you need. We also provide action plans to strengthen areas of weakness. We can offer sample reports as well.

Creating a Secure Network

We provide networks with data security for the healthcare industry, including:

  • Data Security for the Healthcare Industry ImageSafe and HIPAA-compliant transmission of healthcare records between healthcare agencies
  • Storage of data that will survive any disaster event or cyber attack
  • Safe communications of patient records, quick and seamless between:
    • Accounts payable
    • Medical information collecting
    • Medical record keeping
    • Appointment scheduling

What Our Clients Say About Us:


“In this day and age of cyber crime and data breaches it is critical that I fully protect my practice and patient data. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that it is impossible to fully protect your data with a server sitting in your broom closet hoping that Carbonite will back up your data. I strongly recommend all business owners to contact Secure Networkers and let them show you the best way to keep your data safe from viruses, computer crashes, and online attacks.”

Dr. David Way

Spring Klein Vision

Truth In Industry:


“Ensuring privacy can promote more effective communication between physician and patient, which is essential for quality of care, enhanced autonomy, and preventing economic harm, embarrassment, and discrimination.”

Sharyl J Nass, Laura A Levit, and Lawrence O Gostin. Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Health Research and the Privacy of Health Information: The HIPAA Privacy Rule.

"Beyond the HIPAA Privacy Rule: Enhancing Privacy, Improving Health Through Research", The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine

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Elements of IT Solutions for This Industry:

Secure Data Storage for All Health Records

What best suits a healthcare organization’s IT infrastructure depends on many factors. It is becoming more cost effective to consider cloud solutions. The right solution will give:

  • Enhanced data security
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Room for growth
  • More versatility

We have off-prem and on-prem options. The choice that is best will come from a personal consultation with the customer.


Healthcare Data Storage

Making Healthcare Accessible

Safe communication of patient data include:

  • Clinical data
  • Medical imaging
  • Prescription data
  • Medical device data
  • Administrative data

IT solutions must protect information at all points. Secure Networkers will create security at each point.

Healthcare Data Communication Automation





Better Patient Care with Healthcare Collaboration

New software and cloud technology makes medical consultation between doctors freer than ever. Systems designed with encryption to make the streams of communication safe. Doctors from across town can consult about test results in real time. It gives patients better care then ever before.


IT solutions common to the healthcare industry may include:

Cisco MerakiCisco SystemsCisco WebexDell Partners     MicrosoftStoragecraft