Architects & Engineers:
Improved Large File Processing

Architects and engineers of all stripes require computer networks that are strong and agile. Whether building a house, a bridge, a park, a power station or a petroleum plant, design and data are both involved. The drawing and design software required by Architects and Engineers need systems that can support it. Secure Networkers implements networks capable of supporting large file processing needs.

Network Dexterity and the Need for Improved Large File Processing

Architects and engineers must communicate spec documentation. They also need to share specs and designs across all kinds of devices. They often work in all types of locations, between department and with vendors. So communication must be secure within the network and without. Information-sharing demands both ease of access and encrypted.
Secure Networkers provides solutions that support architect drawing software and engineer design software. The network will help drive their full potential, and with full security. The benefits will be clear in several immediate ways:


  • improved large file processing for architects and engineerProposals and presentations that are more fluid and free of stalls. No more slow file retrieval.
  • Communication will be clearer, eliminating calculation errors that often plague projects.
  • Data and communication systems will be able to process large file sizes. Adobe, CAD, ERP applications will run smoother during the design and creation process.
  • Enjoy file mobility. Access large files and data on the fly and from remote locations.