IT Solutions for Education:
Making the traditional classroom even better.

Secure Networkers offers IT automation of schools with data storage, access management, and security.
We offer solutions that support schools where:
  • All students use a specific device.
  • Students have BYOD (Bring your Own Device) freedom.
Either way, security will not be compromised. Neither will visibility or control of the network.
  • Safe internet access
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Complete view of network activity

What IT Collaboration in Class Looks Like

Our centers of education are becoming collaborative places. Why? Collaboration is at the center of the stimulation of new ideas. Education, after all, is about teaching kids new ideas.

IT solutions for education at the college-level have been in play for some years. Now it is becoming clear that all schools – lower school as well as high school, both public and private institutions – are moving to this model.

  • Cisco IT Solutions for EducationConferencing of students between schools– even schools in other countries
  • Collaboration over visuals and documents, and unimpeded ability to design and create in software environments.
  • Record lectures for later review and for the benefit of absent students.
  • Instant access to information and expanded avenues for research.
  • Versatility of teachers to teach students face-to-face from remote locations.
  • Ability to define “learning zones” for students and allow for self-direction in education.

Truth In Industry:


“Using the ‘Four Cs’ [Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation] to engage students is imperative. As educators prepare students for this new global society, teaching the core content subjects—math, social studies, the arts—must be enhanced by incorporating critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. We need new tools to support classroom teachers and education support professionals in their profession, even as they implement new strategies in their classrooms.”

John Stocks

Executive Director, National Education Association

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Elements of IT Solutions for This Industry:

Storage Choices

Many schools are opting for cloud data solutions. It is becoming more cost-effective to do so, although some still choose to keep their data on-site. A consultation will determine your school’s data storage needs. We will help identify the very best data storage solution for you. Your teachers’ and students’ safety will not be compromised.

Our Houston area is famous for facing natural disasters. Many schools flooded in Harvey. So schools are wise to have a data recovery programs in place in the event of a natural disaster. Secure Networkers can provide options to meet this need.

LEARN MOREIT Solutions for Education Data Storage

Solutions that allow schools to provide students with ultimate internet communications. Complete visibility of all activity happening in the system:

  • Manage campus IT communications:
    • in a Bring Your Own Device environment
    • in a device-controlled environment
  • Effectively allocate resources
  • Protect students and maintain security

Students in classroom with personal devices









Bring the field trip to the classroom like never before. Interactive video conferencing means students at lab stations can now learn from a chemist demonstrating from her own lab. A classroom can work on a project with another classroom in another city, state or country. Cloud technology enhances the traditional classroom. The impact on the effectiveness of education is dramatic. Interactive video technology supported by cloud solutions is why.


IT solutions common to educational institutions may include:

Apple Consultants Network and Apple Office SystemsCisco MerakiCisco SystemsCisco WebexDell PartnersFibertownMicrosoftStoragecraft

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