IT Solutions for Transportation

IT Solutions for the Transportation Industry

IT Solutions for Transportation and LogisticsProviding IT solutions for transportation companies is all about logistics and security. There is little tolerance for communication breakdown and system failure. Secure Networkers has strong experience in this industry.

Our experience includes:

Network and Software Support. We provide the server maintenance support our clients need. We maintain the functioning of the software that runs the logistics.

Automatic Equipment Identification. Keeping track of containers and units of a fleet is crucial. Secure Networkers has experience with the technology used to track assets. This includes the detection and ongoing assessments of cars coming in and out of rail yards, truck fleet management, and more.

Connectivity and Communications. We make sure that our customers have complete connectivity. This includes communications with customers, with employees, and with all endpoint devices in the network. Keeping everything secure is a major focus of our work.

Safety and Security Measures & Video Monitoring. Transportation companies do business on public roadways, railways. Much of the work is done out in the community. Because of this, it is an industry especially vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and incidents/accidents. We address the attending safety issues at all points.

We provide video monitoring of yards and warehouses, as well as locomotives and trucks. Damage claims and investigations are a part of the business. We can protect our customers for these moments.

Truth In Industry:


IT Solutions for Transportation and Logistics Freight Theft Stats

“Quality data concerning cargo theft can help us better understand this crime and the threats associated with it.”

Criminal Justice Information Services Division

Federal Bureau of Invstigations, Department of Justice

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Elements of IT Solutions for This Industry:

The transportation industry has several common concerns for its data storage. This includes security-specific intelligence storage and recorded video surveillance. Records of orders and payments, chain of command on shipments, and shilling event logs as well. So the data storage solutions that fit this industry needs to have easy recall and tracking abilities. It must contain the volume of data required for saved video footage. It must also protect bill of lading records. Moreover, it also needs to store the data so that all the data is traceable. Secure Networkers is able to create this kind of data storage solution. LEARN MORE

Transportation and Shipping Industry Data Security

Software Support

The transportation industry operates with special software solutions designed for logistics. This kind of software needs the support of a strong and well-structured network. Whatever software a firm chooses, Secure Networkers can support it. We will thoroughly research the needs of the desired software and put in place the right network for it.

Internet of Things

The transportation industry includes aspects of industrial networking. These solutions must include secure connections and smooth-running operations. Secure Networkers offers data management solutions needed at this level of automation. We have the ability to meet the maintenance needs to keep it safe, secure, and running at optimal speed.

Transportation Logistics Automation

Better Mobile Communication

New collaboration software can simplify and speed up communications. It operates with a mind for mobility. Where else than in the transportation industry is there a greater need for mobility in communications? Keeping communication open between operators and the home office is essential. Men at the loading dock collaborate better with the men out in the yard. It provides audio, video, and document information you need, all at once. Between any devices. Whenever and wherever you need it.LEARN MORE

Mobile Communication and collaboration Trucking Industry

IT solutions common to the transportation industry may include:

Apple Consultants Network and Apple Office SystemsCisco MerakiCisco SystemsCisco WebexDell PartnersFibertownMicrosoftStoragecraft

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