IT Solutions for Transportation

IT Solutions for the Transportation Industry

IT Solutions for Transportation and LogisticsProviding IT solutions for transportation companies is all about logistics and security. There is little tolerance for communication breakdown and system failure. Secure Networkers has strong experience in this industry.

Our experience includes:

Network and Software Support. We provide the server maintenance support our clients need. We maintain the functioning of the software that runs the logistics.

Automatic Equipment Identification. Keeping track of containers and units of a fleet is crucial. Secure Networkers has experience with the technology used to track assets. This includes the detection and ongoing assessments of cars coming in and out of rail yards, truck fleet management, and more.

Connectivity and Communications. We make sure that our customers have complete connectivity. This includes communications with customers, with employees, and with all endpoint devices in the network. Keeping everything secure is a major focus of our work.

Safety and Security Measures & Video Monitoring. Transportation companies do business on public roadways, railways. Much of the work is done out in the community. Because of this, it is an industry especially vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and incidents/accidents. We address the attending safety issues at all points.

We provide video monitoring of yards and warehouses, as well as locomotives and trucks. Damage claims and investigations are a part of the business. We can protect our customers for these moments.

Truth In Industry:

IT Solutions for Transportation and Logistics Freight Theft Stats

“Quality data concerning cargo theft can help us better understand this crime and the threats associated with it.”

Criminal Justice Information Services Division

Federal Bureau of Invstigations, Department of Justice