Law Firm Data Security

Protecting Attorney Case Files from Law Firm Data Breaches

One particularly popular industry for file piracy is the law firm industry. Firms have lost high stakes cases due to hacked databases from opposing law firms. So keep your data safe. Secure Networkers provides solutions that protect all aspects of law firm data security:

  • Law Firm Data SecurityData backup and encryption. Data must be securely transmittable across all devices. Whether in the middle of a trial in a court room, in a conference room while conducting a deposition, or interviewing a witness out in the field… Secure Networkers can provide this level of security and backup.
  • Collaboration. Helping law firm staff communicate freely leads to success in the court room. It also needs protection. Collaboration IT has encrypted streams of communication. Secure Networkers can empower your firm with this level of confidence in collaboration.

Preventable Data Breaches

We can protect data from the following situations where data can be exposed:

  • Lost laptops and flash drives
  • System glitches and software updates, which can expose sensitive private files
  • Malicious cyber attacks for criminal gain

We can also provide forensic capabilities. With it you can re-track events that led up to a data breach. Special software must be installed for this capability.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

“I manage a law office in The Woodlands and we were referred to Secure Networkers several years ago. It has been the best experience from a vendor that I could ask for. The entire team is insanely customer-oriented and respectful. This is a company full of military veterans and they treat us like gold. We are so proud of their work and grateful for their efforts. We trust them with our entire network, our home networks and our personal devices and they never, ever disappoint. They are responsive and proactive. And billing? I can’t even count the number of times we should have been billed and were not – they just get it done, asap….”
Jennifer H.

Administrator, Starzyk and Assoc.