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Turnkey security solutions every step of the way.


We service a variety of industries including medical, transportation, healthcare and the financial sector. Each area of service has its own particular challenges but all industries need to be well versed about security. Our particular concentration within IT is security on top of network design. We also offer cloud solutions and hybrid integrations.

Our goal as a managed security service provider (MSSP) is to take you from business problem to business solution.

Why Have a Managed Security Service Provider

To equip your business for profit means having the right network support to run the right software and applications. It must be able to manage the communication needs of the business. It must be protected from internal corruption and external threats.

In order to equip your business with the right business technology, there are two simple steps to take.

  • Your business needs the right hardware in place, properly configured.
  • Your business needs the right software.

The goal is to input, process, and provide the information that generates products and services with:

  • Precision
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Protected from threats

Your business will need a team of computer technology specialists to monitor and protect a network that never stops. Secure Networkers is that team. We stand ready to configure your business for efficiency, security, and success.

Secure Networkers can automate…

  • Registry autofix
  • Patch Management and Patch Approvals (actually checks if updates are bad or good before installing)
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Disk (SMART) Monitoring
  • DISK Alerts
  • Automated Restore point creation
  • Server Updates and Critical Alerts
  • Server Best Practice reports:
  • Windows Defender Scan (Malware Scans)
  • Windows 10 Feature Updates (1807,1909 ETC)
  • Windows 10 Feature Cleanup (removes old updates keeping PC clean)
  • Product Key Scan (Key Locker so users don’t lose licenses for Adobe, etc.)
  • User/Admin creation
  • Automated Maintenance with reporting
  • Device age and replacement reporting
  • Workstation monitors include:
  • Hardware Failure Alerts (before components go bad)
  • Backup Alerts
  • Application Crashes
  • Corrupt data errors
  • Malware Alerts including crypto
  • Blacklisted programs (see if staff installing bad programs) and much more.
  • We can custom create monitors for client needs.
  • Software will restart any necessary services (ex. print spooler). If system cannot be restarted, system will automatically generate a service ticket for repair.

Let us provide you with the
information you need right away.

We will also provide you with
a complimentary white paper
“Distinctions Between an MSP and an MSSP”.

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