Technology that Protects

Data Protection with Unimpeded Productivity

What happens without effective firewall and network security?

  • If hacked, data theft.
    Bottom line: Your reputation gets compromised. Your productivity gets compromised. There will be significant data recovery costs to money and time.
  • If infected, data corruption.
    Bottom line: Your experience down time due to unresponsive systems and repair time. There will be data recovery costs.

Corrupted data and compromised network security can destroy a business.

Secure Networkers designs networks with comprehensive data protection and defenses. We equip our customers with all the best firewall and protections. Our aim is to keep the bad guy out of your business and keep the lines of communication running.

Firewall/Router/Access Points/Switches

Technology That Empowers ProsperityWe offer our customers security solutions produced by the industry leaders. We can help mid-sized firms managing under 200 employees and data streams. Also we help enterprise level corporations and projects. Our talented team shines in complex projects. If the project includes many levels of communication, data protection, and management, we can handle it. We can equip you with a solution that will be cost effective. You business needs safeguards, and the data protection we provide grows with your business.

Business Network Design, Optimization and Analysis

Firewalls: Access Point Installation and ConfigurationNeed a network designed from the ground up? Need your network evaluated for vulnerabilities or impediments to efficiency of operation? We want to be your IT experts providing you the right solutions for your business operations.

Disaster Recovery Data Loss and Data Backup Plans

Firewalls: Access Point Installation and Configuration “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as the saying goes. However, many of our customers came to us because they thought their data was being backed up by other services making big promises. Yet when a disaster happened, the data was not so easy to retrieve, or lost altogether. We back up your data right so when disaster strikes, your data will be safe and retrievable.

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