Backbone Network Architecture

Secure Networkers offers backbone network architecture solutions. It keeps your data protected from internal errors and external threats. It gives structure to a working environment that will be highly productive.

The agility of communications and file integrity are made complete with the solutions we provide. We help you meet:

  • Primary data storage needs for all the active files
  • Secondary storage needs for backup and testing
  • If needed, tier 3 storage for a reliable archive system

Then we set up the freeways of secure communication. For every business we provide networking solutions that make data access and end user communications are nimble and safe. Secure Networkers represents the best solution providers in the business. We create effective backbone networking, using the solution that is a best fit for you.

A strong backbone will make your network strong to bounce back if disaster strikes.

Powerful Firewall Solutions with Cisco FirePOWER

Firepower is the administrative nerve center for managing Cisco network security. Firepower provides complete and unified management:

  • Firewalls
  • Application control
  • Advanced malware protection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • URL filtering

Cisco SystemsFirepower allows easy management between firewall and applications. It manages and remediates malware outbreaks.


Data Loss Prevention with Backups

Having your important data backed up is essential to data loss prevention. Secure Networkers is a partner of a leader in data loss prevention technology, StorageCraft.

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