Data Storage Connection Options

Every business can have a secure and well-defended data storage system. One that is well automated and a best-fit for that business. The process of determining what data storage solution is best requires a simple assessment:

  • What does the business need in regards to agility of access?
  • Present and future data storage needs?
  • What are the communication needs?

Knowing the data storage and connection needs of the customer’s business begins with getting to know the client. Each individual business will be better served by one solution over another. Secure Networkers provides the full selection of data storage connections options. We ensure that the solution we provide for you is the best fit for your business.

How much and how fast?

If you are supporting server-based file sharing, iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) might be the preferred option. We will consult with you to determine if this block-level shared storage network protocol will benefit your company.


NFS is useful in both enterprise environments as well as customized environments. This is an approach to data storage connectivity that is tried and true. It supports many applications with a high level of reliability. It is native to Linux and Unix operating systems. We will consult with you to determine whether an NFS protocol would be optimal for your company.

Fibre Channel

Connect your computer data storage to your servers with high-speed, lossless delivery. We will consult with you to determine what Fibre Channel rate of speed will be best for your business.

FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet)

Fibre Channel over Ethernet is all the speed of Fibre Channel, but with some innovative and beneficial improvements. FCoE takes the Fibre Channel storage connectivity solution to the next level. It tunnels a full Fibre Channel frame onto Ethernet. The result is a reduction in the number of devices required to manage the network. It also means a reduction in power used, reduction in space used, and as an obvious consequence, a reduction in cost.

Speed by IOPS

Is your storage through hard disk drives? Solid state drives? Storage area networks? Our team will ensure that you have the speed you need to keep your network moving at the pace of your business. Concerned about improving the performance of your network? Secure Networkers can provide you with a full evaluation of how your system is running. We can offer solutions to improve your random and sequential read/write speeds.

Disk Latency

Performance in storage devices can be hard to assess. Secure Networkers is able to evaluate both your storage and its behavior during the process of information access. There are many factors that can contribute to latency issues. Block size or queue depth may come into play. If using either SQL or Oracle, the number of processors used to execute a program can result in delays. Reducing latency will improve performance. Secure Networkers has the know-how to navigate the correct solution to reduce latency for your network.

Spindle Count

Increasing spindles can increase I/O performance. Do you think you need to increase your disk space to get more speed in the performance of your network? The truth is that you may actually be looking for increased spindles. Secure Networkers can check your performance problems. We can assist you with increased spindles if appropriate.


Your network’s data internal storage speed availability affects your external speed. Whether your network is a Fibre, iSCSi or NFS configuration, Secure Networkers can test your data storage. We can make sure that all internal communications are at the speed you need.

Fibre Channel speed options

This high speed network technology has many rates of speed. 2,4,8,16,32, and 128 gig per second rates are available. If you have a Fibre Channel network and need an improved rate of speed, Secure Networkers can provide the solution.

New innovations in data storage technology mean new storage space solutions. We have options that allow the possibility of needing – and paying only for – a mere fraction of the storage space that was once needed for a given volume of data. A consultation with a Secure Networker professional will give you a full understanding of what your true storage needs will be. You may discover that it is a lot less than expected.

Energy efficiency is important for cost effectiveness. It is also important as it regards the environmental impact of a data system. We can help your business find an approach to data networking that will regard the consumption of energy required. It will also keep your communications running at the speed of business.

Types of Storage:

Unified Storage

Unified storage consolidates file system data into one powerful platform for businesses that run on general-purpose servers. It operates well for both internal storage or direct-attached storage needs. Secure Networkers is a partner with Dell, which offers EMC unified storage solutions. LEARN MORE


NAS, meaning “Network-Attached Storage” is a common type of storage configuration. It has both hard drive and solid state drive applications. It is often a great solution for small businesses.


SAN, meaning “Storage Area Network,” is a secure, high-speed data transfer configuration. It works well with networks that need to be scalable. It makes a network of storage devices available to multiple servers. SAN works whether in a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). This is a good option for businesses that intend to grow.


Hyper-converged infrastructure storage (HCI) is a virtual storage solution. HCI makes use of a software approach rather than a hardware approach. It virtualizes network data storage and the underlying storage abstractions. It is an application-focused management of data. Therefore, it leads to less dependency on hardware. It can also be a cost-saving solution. Whether or not HCI is a good fit depends on the specific needs of the business. This solution can offer a high degree of efficiency and scalability to certain business workloads. Secure Networkers is a partner with VMWare for HCI solutions. VMWare Hyper-Converged Infrastructure LEARN MORE


This isn’t your Y2K-era understanding of the JBOD (“Just a Bunch of Disks”) architecture approach. New technologies, and larger and more intricate storage needs, have given it a new context. JBOD configurations are an important consideration in many systems. Especineedstems that need certain levels of performance and disaster recovery. We are a partner with StorageCraft, a leader in JBOD solutions. LEARN MORE

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