Virtualization Technology

Managing Data with Virtualization Technology

Secure Networkers can help you to enjoy improved management of your data storage. Virtualization technology operates well with all the top application environments:

  • SQL
  • Exchange
  • Oracle

Full data backups are becoming a thing of the past because of “snapshot” capability. Now stored data is more accessible than ever. Virtualization means that resources kept in a quiesced state. This increases data center agility while reducing storage costs.

Virtualization is a great solution that can solve many data storage and access problems.

VMWare Virtualization Software Solutions

Unified storage consolidates file system data into one powerful platform. It is an excellent solution for businesses that run on general-purpose servers. It operates well for both internal storage or direct-attached storage needs.

Secure Networkers is a partner with Dell and VMWare.VMWare Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Together they offer EMC unified storage virtualization solutions.


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