Secure Networkers: Security and Remediation

Data Protection, Threat Defense; Complete Recovery After Disaster

Before Network Attack

Training: Identify Suspicious Network Activity

The vast majority of network breaches happen because of one false move of an unaware employee. Training staff to be alert for suspicious activity is central to an effective defensive posture.

Create Visibility and Expandability of the Network

Investing in the correct cloud security platform will give the business/organization a complete view of the network landscape. 

Increase Security of User's Access of Network

A cloud-based, multi-factor authentication system will provide a reinforced guard that makes sure that the only people accessing your network are authorized people.

Identify Network Vulnerabilities

By executing a Penetration Test, you put your network defenses to task, and see where vulnerabilities lie so you can correct these vulnerabilities before a hacker exploits them.

Create Runbook Security Protocol

Compiling a Runbook means collecting all the administrative routines, procedures, applications, and credentials, and putting it all into one manual. Having a Runbook is priceless to a business/operation should any kind of disaster strike.

Compose an Incident Response Plan

This is the protocol to follow in the event of any incident that causes a network to go down. Once composed, it should be put to the test to ensure effectiveness. 

During Network Attack

Identifying Network Irregularites

Properly trained staff are able to identify network irregularities, such as network slowdowns and links that spontaneously redirect. They know how to shut down applications when questionable network behaviors happen.

Cloud Security Platform Response

A network equipped with a good cloud security platform will be able to see what is presently attacking the system in real time, and respond.

Network Intrusion Detection

A Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) would work with the cloud security platform to actively detect suspicious anomalies, around the clock.

After Network Attack

Remediation Protocol
Ongoing Malware/Intrusion Evaluation
Execute the Runbook

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