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OSI stands for Open System Interconnection, and it is a model for the seven defined parts of a network communication system. Each part is referred to as a “layer”. Everything from the desktop unit, to the internet connection, to the software applications used by the end users, are represented by the various layers.


Every layer of the network has a set of vulnerabilities associated with it. For a business network to be secure, each layer needs to be secure. Furthermore, there are options to consider at each layer. Which solution is best – for the ease of operation and the security of the business network – depends entirely on how the business proposes to operate.


The seven layers, and how well they are assembled, will determine how well your company functions and how securely it operates. Secure Networkers often comes in to help new customers when they had been previously outfitted with networks made up of components that no longer, or never did, meet the objectives they needed. When we come in and layer the network correctly, we construct it with the right equipment, able to support efficient communication and secure connections. Network managers immediately enjoy complete visibility over network activities. “Well-layered” minimizes the vulnerability gaps and hardens the surface of each layer. When we accomplished this, our customers notice immediate improvements. Right away, employees recognize the difference with improved productivity. Corporate heads enjoy the benefits that manifest from a more productive — and secure — work force.


Not every business requires the same parts in their network configuration. A remote workforce may have some different components than what a traditional office will need. A general truth in life is that you always pay for what you get. Our job is to help our customers get what they actually need.

Having a well-constructed, well-protected network architecture is critical to business operations. Our customers are ready.

50 Points of Protection

  We cater to the unique needs of each customer, but there are 50 points of security that tend to be universal.

Secure Networkers provides real and comprehensive network management that keeps our customers productive and protected.

Our standard service package includes 50 areas of network maintenance, security, management, filtering and protection that sustains a network, to keep it guarded, from threats internal and external to the network, and from disasters that range from natural to man-made.

Seven Layers of OSI
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