Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

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We understand the difficult for a small or medium sized business to support A Chief Information Officer, however in today tech driven world you can’t leave your technology and information security up to chance. Now is the time to look into hiring Secure Networks with our virtual Chief Information Officer offering.


Secure Networkers provides the help you want to proactively manage your cybersecurity tech program, reduce the risk, and achieve compliance within your industry and regulatory requirements.

The Merits of an Encrypted Backup

vCIO Program Components

Our team will Proactively manage your cybersecurity program

  • Gap Assessments and Compliance Evaluations
  • Real-Time GRC Dashboards and Insight
  • Policy Reviews and Alignment
  • Cybersecurity Roles and Responsibilities Definition
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Social Engineering/Phishing Exercises
  • Managed Vulnerability Scanning
  • Support for external security questionnaires
  • Tabletop Exercises (Incident Response/Business Continuity)
  • Annual Penetration Testing and Reporting
  • Physical Security Self-Assessments
  • Third Party (Vendor & Supplier) Due Diligence
  • Audit and Examination Preparation
Virtual Chief Information Officer

The heart of our vCIO services program

The heart of our vCIO services program is our assessment and compliance portal that provides real-time insight into the status of control requirements for your organization. This portal provides the following functionality:

  • Control assignments for accountability
  • Executive dashboard views for clear insight
  • Documentation and evidence repository
  • Automated task reminders
  • Vendor due diligence assessments and reporting
  • And much, much more…

Our cloud-based, always current solution is combined with our team of cyber professionals to track every aspect of your program. The result is a cybersecurity roadmap that is specific to the needs of your organization along with the right tools for maintaining the controls you have worked hard to implement.

What should a Cybersecurity Strategy Include?

Knowledge, tools, monitoring, risk mitigation, and ongoing user awareness training are all essential components of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. From assessment to active monitoring and risk mitigation. Secure Networkers cybersecurity consulting services bring clarity to the topic for businesses and leverage more than a decade of leadership and tactical expertise on the topic.

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